Frequently Asked Questions

Draft Cocktails

Where do you deliver?

We deliver spirits in Travis County, but if you're in another county we can still make it happen! We'll send you a list of spirits to purchase and have on site when we arrive, and we'll bring everything else you need.

What is in your cocktails? Are they as good as my favorite bar?

Cantaloupe Island delivers the same quality craft cocktail you would expect from a high-end cocktail bar.

All of our mixers are handmade from scratch in our kitchen in Austin, our citrus is squeezed fresh the same day as your delivery, we use only filtered water for our cocktails and ice, and we even carbonate our own drinks.

We've put in countless hours developing and testing our recipes to ensure that every drink we serve is as good as it can possibly be. We even scientifically test all of our mixers to ensure the correct sugar content and acidity, and build our recipes by weight. We really care about our products and our clients - you'll know when you taste our drinks!

What comes with my delivery?

Every package includes everything that you need to serve our cocktails at your event. Here’s how it breaks down:

1-gallon growler package (20-60 drinks)

Mixers for your cocktails in a 1-gallon pressurized growler

Spirits for your cocktails

Garnish and bamboo garnish tongs

Premium ice (1" cube and crushed), ice scoop, and ice bucket

Bar mat for spills

Compostable PLA cups and agave pulp straws

Recycled beverage napkins

Jockey Box package (80+ drinks)

Mixers for your cocktails in 2-gallon kegs

Spirits for your cocktails

Jockey box system

Garnishes, garnish tray and bamboo garnish tongs

Ice, ice scoops and buckets

Bar mats for spills

Compostable PLA cups and agave pulp straws

Recycled beverage napkins

How much does it cost?

Our drinks range in price from $5-8 each, and are sold in gallon batches of 20-30 drinks. Each gallon ranges from $125 to $225 depending on the ingredients and spirits in the cocktail.

How strong are your drinks?

All of our signature cocktails are formulated to incorporate at least one liter (33.8oz) of spirit per gallon batch. At 1.5oz of spirit per drink, this produces 22 drinks per gallon in most cases. Spirit forward cocktails like Old Fashioneds and Negronis incorporate multiple bottles of spirit per batch and produce 33 drinks per gallon.

We assume folks will spill or overfill occasionally, so we estimate 20 drinks/gallon for most of our cocktails. The final volume and potency of a gallon batch varies from 100 to 125oz at 11-31% alcohol by volume depending on the recipe. 

Can you bring glassware? Linens? Tables?

Absolutely! When you submit a request on the draft page, we'll send you a form where you can let us know any other services you might need.

How far in advance do I need to order?

We offer next day delivery for orders placed by 3pm.

What is a jockey box?

A jockey box is a portable draft system that chills and dispenses beverages. It consists of a cooling box containing stainless steel coils submerged in ice water and kegs filled with drinks. Liquid is pushed from the kegs into the chilling coils and exits a faucet just like beer in a taproom or bar.

Our all-stainless steel jockey boxes are produced by industry leaders Coldbreak, whose products are used by world-class breweries such as Founders, Deschutes, and Russian River to serve their products at events.

What is a growler?

Our Craftmaster pressurized growlers are insulated containers with an integrated tap system charged with single-use gas cartridges. We use them for our 1-gallon orders.