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Terms and Conditions

By using you agree to the following terms and conditions, and certify that you are of legal drinking age (21 years or older) and competent to enter into an agreement with Cantaloupe Island Hospitality LLC. By placing an order on you (“Customer”) agree that

1. The individual who takes possession of the delivery is required to show a valid Texas driver’s license or federal identification such as a passport, passport card, or military ID. Cantaloupe Island Cocktails will only deliver to the individual listed on the order unless otherwise instructed in the order notes. If the person listed on the order or designee is unable to show suitable identification, the order will not be delivered and a refund will not be issued.

2. Cantaloupe Island Cocktails reserves the right to refuse service and delivery for any reason, including but not limited to customers' inability or unwillingness to show ID, customer failing to make payment by the delivery time, customer appearing intoxicated, or delivery person's fear for their safety.

3. The products and services ordered from Cantaloupe Island Cocktails are for private consumption and may not be repackaged or resold.

4. All use of will be for lawful and intended purposes. The site will not be used for any unlawful, indecent, or fraudulent activity, nor for the collection of data on its users whether for private or commercial purposes.

5. Customer understands that Cantaloupe Island Cocktails’ packages may include mixers, equipment rental, delivery, and sealed bottles of spirits purchased by the customer from a local package store. Cantaloupe Island Cocktails includes the price of the spirits in the package price but is not the seller of the spirits. Cantaloupe Island cocktails acts as a payment processor and marketing agent for a local package store(s) and all funds for the purchase of spirits are passed directly from the customer to the package store and are at no time the property of Cantaloupe Island Cocktails. Only once the funds have been paid to the package store on the customer's behalf does Cantaloupe Island Cocktails collect its fees for its products and services.

6. Customer understands that Cantaloupe Island Cocktails may substitute the spirits ordered with spirits of similar value at our discretion if the advertised spirits are out of stock at the package store. A substitution of spirits does not constitute sufficient reason for a refund, adjustment, or cancellation of an order.

7. Cantaloupe Island Cocktails is not liable for any loss or damages caused by customers’ use, consumption, or distribution of Cantaloupe Island Cocktails' products and services, including damage or loss related to the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Customer indemnifies and holds blameless Cantaloupe Island Hospitality LLC, its employees, and partners for any loss, injury, or damages related to the purchase, delivery, or consumption of Cantaloupe Island Hospitality LLC’s products and services.

8. Customer is responsible for ensuring that alcoholic beverages delivered by Cantaloupe Island Cocktails are not provided to persons under twenty one (21) years of age.

9. If Cantaloupe Island Cocktail’s equipment is irrevocably damaged while in a customers’ possession, or if a customer is unable to return any part of the equipment rental, they may be charged for costs associated with its replacement, including reasonable administrative fees.

10. Pickup times for draft cocktails will be determined upon delivery and will be either same day (9:30-12am) or next day (8:30-11am). If the customer is unable or unwilling to make the equipment available for pickup during the available pickup times, Cantaloupe Island Cocktails may without notice charge a late fee of $25/day for pressurized growler rentals and $75/day for jockey box rentals.


Orders may not be canceled less than forty eight (48) hours before the scheduled delivery time. All cancellations are subject to forfeiture of deposit or a cancellation fee of 25% of the purchase price. Refunds will be tendered only for orders not delivered or taken possession of by the customer. Customer understands that dissatisfaction with a product or service, equipment malfunction, or late delivery do not constitute sufficient reason for issuance of a refund. All processed refunds will be subject to a $25 restocking fee.

Quality Guarantee and Refund Policy Cantaloupe Island Cocktails guarantees the quality of its mixers and equipment to be of the highest quality, and only uses same-day fresh juice and the best ingredients in its products. If you are for any reason dissatisfied with your order, please contact within five (5) days of your delivery. All refunds for delivered orders will be issued in the form of purchase credit and discounts applicable to subsequent orders.


Cantaloupe Island Cocktails is a licensed motor carrier with operating authority in Texas granted by TXDOT and TABC and transports alcoholic beverages only within the state of Texas. We do not ship to any other states, including prohibited states such as AL, DE, MS & UT. All orders must be received and signed for by an adult over 21 years of age whose ID matches the details provided in the order.


(1) According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects.

(2) Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery and may cause health problems.

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